EVENT - Fart Quest: The Troll's Toe Cheese (Book 4)

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This book is for the Aaron Reynolds Virtual School Event on September 9th.  You may have the book shipped directly to you, or select the "Store Pickup" option at checkout and the book will be delivered to your child through their school.


**NOTE** This book is a pre-order - the release date is September 20th!

The final book in the laugh-out-loud fart-themed adventure series by acclaimed author Aaron Reynolds
Something smells fishy…

After their latest quest, Fart, Pan, Moxie, and TickTock return to the Great and Powerful Kevin to claim their reward—a chance for Pan to see her mother, who died many years ago. But bringing back Pan’s mom seems impossible. Is Kevin full of hot air?

When our heroes sniff out the truth behind his secret plans, a terrifying danger is unleashed, sending the friends on a nail-biting journey. Will their nose for trouble take them down for good? Or will they finally prove that they deserve the sweet smell of success?

In this epic conclusion to the first four books in the Fart Quest series, Fart and friends discover that a true hero is not measured in the sum of their mistakes. But in the difference they make in spite of them.

Aaron Reynolds is a New York Times–bestselling author of many highly acclaimed books for kids, including Carnivores, Chicks and Salsa, Joey Fly, Nerdy Birdy, and the Caldecott Honor–winning Creepy Carrots! He lives in the Chicago area. aaron-reynolds.com

Cam Kendell is the creator of such comics as Choose Your Gnome Adventure, Mortimer B. Radley: The Case of the Missing Monkey Skull, and Flopnar the Bunbarian and artist for board games like D&D’s Dungeon Mayhem: Monster Madness and 5-Minute Mystery. He lives in Utah. camkendell.com

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